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The cod finally got to big for the aquarium – mostly because it eats more than the filters can handle. The two sculpins where put back into the ocean.

Instead I caught a lumpsucker, shrimps and thousands of mysis to feed the shark babies. I now have three newly hatched sharks and a small Greater weever.

Below are pictures form my collection trip when I caught the Greater weever and msyis caught during a night dive. Mysis gets attracted to the light form the dive torch and are easy to scoop up with fine-mesh net in front of the light.

Flatfish front onGreater weeverthe one-eyed-turbotJellyfishSaithe caught in a netGreater weeverCommon shore crab feasting on a dead sculpinCod and sculpins going back to the oceanGreater weever and shark side-by-sideMysis aka. cloud of food
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Aquarium final finish

The aquarium is finally done. I have been discussing the frames and hatches a lot with the carpenter and we ended up doing it in aluminium and acrylic plates. The plates are fixed to the wall with velcro glued and nailed to to wall. It think is looks great with a nice minimalistic touch. And most importantly it is easy to access the aquarium. Yesterday the two shark egg hatched so now there are two very small almost white sharks in the tank.

FrontFull tankFull tank from the sideBaby shark
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