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Spawning seatrout

I have been hunting the seatrout for a long time. Every time I had the time during late autumn, I have driven around searching for spawning trouts. Every time so far the water was either murky and filled with particles or the trouts were nowhere in sight. This year everything  was perfect. In the spawning season the trouts usually migrate after heavy rains, since Dansih rivers and streams have very low waterflow otherwise. The rain also wash out mud, silt and other particles, which means it is impossible to shoot under water. This year i did not rain for two weeks and the trout where already at the spawning sites, so the water was low and clear and the river full of fish. Rune Hyldby from a local sportsfisher club showed med al the good spots. He helps the fish by palcing gravel for spawning in the streams and each year he and other club members electrofish trouts to rear the eggs in at a fish farm and release the fry when they have grown big enough to survive in the stream. This helps the dimnished fish stocks in the rivers.

Here you see the trouts under water.  I am able to sneak up on them at nigh, so close I could have touched the fish. It is incredible to dive along side a 70 cm long trout in a low watered stream.

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Darter on the hunt

This summe I got pictures of yet another rare and protected species. The long term goal is to photograph all strictly protected species in Denmark. Strictly protected species are species listed in appendix IV in EU´s Habitatdirective. They are all endangered in one or more EU countries and therefore it is prohibited to collect, kill and disturb the species or disturb or destroy their habitat. The one I found, is called the Large White-faced Darter or Yellow-Spotted Whiteface (Stor kærguldsmed, Leucorrhinia pectoralis) and is only found 3 places in Denmark, two of which have been turned into Natura 2000 sites after the species was discovered. The males have morphed from their aquatic larval form and are hunting insects in old sphagnum bog, filled with sundew, bog-myrtle and common cottongrass. The white-faced darter has a characteristic white mask and a yellow dot on the tail. I also found Green Forrester (Adscita statices) and lots of damselflies.

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