Aquarium final finish

The aquarium is finally done. I have been discussing the frames and hatches a lot with the carpenter and we ended up doing it in aluminium and acrylic plates. The plates are fixed to the wall with velcro glued and nailed to to wall. It think is looks great with a nice minimalistic touch. And most importantly it is easy to access the aquarium. Yesterday the two shark egg hatched so now there are two very small almost white sharks in the tank.

FrontFull tankFull tank from the sideBaby shark
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  1. Marius 16. september 2015 at 9:08 #


    Well done, wow that looks so neat and professional! Congrats on the shark hatching hope they do well, what are you feeding them? Mine was very difficult to feed with small pieces of seafood and even with artemia and then he died… hope you have better luck.
    I see you used doubleglazed glass? looks like industrial made? I am very interested in this. what is the glass thickness of each individual pane and whats your tank water level height? Sorry if I missed this info in your previous posts.

    All the Best

  2. mkielland 16. september 2015 at 13:35 #

    Thank you, I´m really pleased with the final design. Wasn´t easy with a free corner and nowhere to attach hinges or anything like it. The aquarium is custom made from a Danish store called Decocean. They are build to order in the Czech Republic. It is double glassed on two sides and isolated with styrofoam on the other two sides. The inner glass is 12mm and the outer is 4 mm. The water level is 3 cm from the top of the glass just under a horisontal 5 cm wide glas edge that stabilises and brakes waves.

    The sharks haven´t started feeding yet, but last time I got them started on fresh peeled shrimp tails (not the red boiled ones) and small pieces of fresh mackerel fillet and herring: I keep the rest of the mackerel in the freezer in small piecs. It seems the sharks are picky of the getting the right smell. The larger shark goes insane when I drop a piece of herring in the aquarium.

    • Marius 16. september 2015 at 14:51 #

      Really cool to get a doubleglazed tank like that, will definitely look into that when I build my bigger tank…in a long time probably 😉 Thanks for the info.

      Will try mackerel and herring next time. I fed mine blended raw shrimp and mussel but he stopped eating after a few days. Maybe it wasnt smelly enough 😉 he was going crazy for the food the first few days. would love to try it again I like to watch them.

      Good luck with your tank

  3. mkielland 16. september 2015 at 15:03 #

    Doubleglass saves a lot of energy 🙂 I used mackerel and herring because they are very oily. I also use a long food pincer and place the food right in front of their nose. They have trouble sniffing the food out in the variating current in the tank. In nature the current is more steady from one direction I think. Good luck to you too.

    • Marius 16. september 2015 at 15:45 #

      Yes that is exactly why I didnt use as I thought the oily fish makes the water dirty but there is deffinitely more scent to it and surely if they eat it straight away its no problem.
      Sure does save a lot of energy 😉 but also I am sure you have absolutely no problem cooling down without condensation? I can only go down to 11degrees without, condensation is so annoying.
      Is it causing much visual distortion when you look sideways through the glass (I mean not straight through) compared to lets say just 12mm glass do you know?

      • mkielland 17. september 2015 at 13:26 #

        Fish oil is full of vitamins so it s problably also good food for sharks 🙂
        I havent had condensation problem yet. I dont see any significant increase in distortion with doubleglazing, but I have problems with reflections. the aquarium is on the other side of the room from a large glas door, so there are a lot reflection of sunlight daytime.

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