I hoped a lot of water would ease the problems with high nutrients, but I had a few deaths among the fishes and feeding the to much. So now the algae has taken over.  I changed half of the water in the aquarium, which reduced the N and P somewhat, but the rocks are still covered by red slimy algae. The next step will be to add a filter with phospate remover like Rowaphos. I´m still trying to work out how to build a nitrate reducing filter. Meanwhile I have added a small army of snails. Now I have chitons, limpets, flat periwinkles, edible periwinkles, topsnails and a few blue rayed limpets.

Here´s a photo of the front glass. A week after I introduced the snails the glass was cleaned.

Snail army

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  1. Marius 21. april 2015 at 7:32 #

    Hi, I had great problems with Nitrates and Phosphates in the beginning too. Water changes dont really help in the long run. I had great success after I added some live rock in the back (very low flow area) of my sump (around 4kg in my 200l+60l sysyetm).
    Nitrates are completely gone since then. Phosphates still around 0.2 but I am now feeding a lot and every second day. The good thing about feeding more IMO is that you can see an effect in macroalgea growth. (see JonOlav’s Macro tank)

    All the best and keep the updates coming 😉

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