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UW photo Norway

My easter holiday was spent in Norway, and we were reallye lucky with the weather, so while my girlfriend sat on the rocks and knitted sweaters I went freediving.

It is a bit weird to go diving , when all others you meet are going skiing and and you are driving through snow-clad mountains on the way.

Norway mountain road

Norway mountain road between Bergen and Aalesund.

But when you are greeted by this view when you drive out from Bergen to the islands east of the city you hurry in to the water.

Panorama Turøy Norway

Panorama Turøy Norway

The tidepools are teeming with life, especially filterfeeders, snails, anemones, nudibranchs and billions of zooplanktonic copepods and jellyfish. Between the islands there are a constant current of water bringing food and later in the summer I have seen schools of herring feeding in the sound.

Beadlet anemone

Beadlet anemone sheltering in a crevice in the cliffs

Nudibranchs with eggs

Nudibranchs with eggs

 dahlia anemones

Dahlia anemones at the foot of the cliffs


Limpets feeding on algae on the cliffs

Jellyfish and copepod

Jellyfish and copepod

Topsnail and blue rayed limpet

Topsnail and blue rayed limpet feeding on algae and kelp.


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Coldwater saltwater aquarium the critters

When I set the new aquarium the main purpose whas to finally be able to hide all the filterssystems, to be able to add new filter more easily, up the water volumen and thereby being able to keep bigger og more fish.

Since I set up the new aquarium in the begining of winter, I haven´t been able to collect new inhabitants for the aquarium, there isn´t much to catch on the coast during winter. All the inhabitants have been moved from the old aquarium. My favourites are the two cod´s about 10 cm´s long. They eat everything (including my fingers). I think they are the reason most of the hermit crabs are gone.

(gadus morhua)

I also have a Turbot, two Shorthorn sculpin, one Hooknose (the sea anemone ate the other two), and a gunnel. Here is a picture of the anemone just after it ate one of the hooknoses.



sculpin The sculpin whent crazy when I took pictures with the Iphone. I guess it saw a competitor.

I have a few invertebrates, one hermitcrab, a few topsnails, black brittle stars and common brittle stars. I have four different species of anemones (plumose anemone, beadlet anemone , northern red anemone and little brown unknown species).


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