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System overload 2 – update

This is getting weird – I sent a water sample to my local (1 hour away) saltwater aquarium store. He phoned the results:

Kh 15 – which is not that wierd since this is the same as the tap water (lots of calcium)

Nitrates > 25 mg/l !!

Phosphates 0,3-0,5 mg/l !!!! which is really weird since I measured around 0,3 before the water change

My own test-kit (Red Sea algae control test kit) measured nitrates at around 2 mg/l and phosphates almost 0 – so now I am confused, since I just changed 600 liters out of a total of around 800 in the whole system. I ordered a new test-kit for phospates – hope that will give me some direction off where my aquarium is headed.

Today I built my own design of a portable deep-sand bed, using a box for refrigerators from Ikea, some pvc pipping, parts from a gravel bed filter and a piece of  nonwovens (textile for preventing the sand from running out the drain in the bottom). I hope this will help reduce nitrates by denitrification.

Here a schematic of the whole system as it runs now.

Schematic with flow and filtersIkea bow with two drains, seen from the sideTwo drains seen from insideOne drain coveredSand and second drainFinished filter
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Coldwater saltwater aquarium building 1

My dream aquarium project is taking form! We have moved and the new house has a perfect spot for a aquarium. The old toilet-room shares a wall with the living-room and the entrance. The wall has been knocked down and extra reinforcements are in place. The aquarium will measure 95 X 85 cm and 70 cm in height. Since the frontgals and one of the sides are thermoglass, the final inside measure is 81 x 91, so I end up with appr. 500 liters of water in the main tank.

DSC_1593_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland DSC_1594_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland DSC_1599_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland DSC_1596_Martin Kielland_Martin KiellandDSC_1624_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland DSC_1633_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland

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