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This last week I had some really nice nature trips close to home. Springtime is beautiful in Denmark -plants are emerging, insects buzzing and toads croaking.

I har a trip to “Hellebæk Kohave” near Helsingør, “Allindelille Fredsskov” near Ringsted and “Kulsbjerg” near Vordingborg, which serves as a military exercise area. Hellebæk Kohave contains som very fine bogs with spaghnum mosses, sundew and cranberry. Allindelille Fredsskov is one of the few Danish forrest, which grow on old limestone deposits, which has developed a special flora with herbs that thrive in nutrient poor conditions and orchids. Kulsbjerg is one of the best places to see tree frogs.

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UW photo Norway – Wide angle

During our vacation we took a roadtrip north to Sveggvika south of Kristianssund from Bergen, on the way we visited Florø Rorbu. Both places where incredible. We lived in hotel rooms with free view to ocean and mountains. Att Sveggvika you even had White-tailed Eagle on the terasse.

Here are some photos of the underwater landscape with large kelp forest, wrecks and thousands of saithe (Pollachius virens).

Plumose anemone on a anchor chain



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