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Bee arrival

Our bee family arrived today. A small but healthy family given to me by my father in law. So far they are staying in a traditional hive with Langstroth frames until the family has grown. Afterwards we will put a Honeyflow hive on top with both traditional frames and flowhive frames.

Frame on displayBusy beesBrood boxQueen beeQueen beeBees
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Night Dive

Had a great night dive on the north coast of Zealand. No wind and quite clear water. We saw a lot of flatfish among those turbot, flounder and Brill, here and there herring was darting around, hitting me and the camera. Trouble with the strobes meant I only hade the focus and searchlight for lightning up the object, but it looks great I think. Amazingly we also found a Five-bearded rockling in very shallow water and bare sand: I have only seen these on rocky bottom before. And then there was millions of Mysis.



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Army of snails

It looks like I have cracked the code to a less algae infested aquarium. I have had lots of snails before, but I realised that I might have underestimated how many snails there are in natural conditions. Therefore I brought home a  lot of snails, around 150 common periwinkles, and the result is so far good. In little over a week they have really grazed down a lot of the green algae and the rocks are starting to show through. The pink coraline algaes are also visible now. This is the “after” photo. Unfortunately I do not have any “before” pictures.

After adding 150 common periwinkle

Full tank photo after adding 150 common periwinkle


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