Alpine newt – Triturus alpestris

In April I had the honor of meeting one of the most rare amphibians and I would venture to say that it must be the first time that anyone has taken photos under water of alpine newt in Denmark in its natural environment. Alpine newt is found only in southern Jutland around Aabenraa and only in ponds that do not get too hot in the summer. Alpine newt live in cold forest ponds and requires shade at the water hole, otherwise it may die of heat stroke. We were round to 7 different ponds in order to obtain the bare roughly term in the water. All the ponds were teeming with salamanders. The newts stayed on the bottom in the deepest part of the pond where the water was coldest.

Alpine newt is the most beautiful of our newt with its blue patterns, screaming orange belly and leopard spotted side. Unfortunately, the brown forest lake water make the colors disappear little, so a single male was captured for pictures in a photo aquarium and set out again. A fascinating encounter when you’ve been searching all day. April is the time when the mountain salamander mating and this is where it is easiest to find in the pond.

Thanks to Allan Høxbroe for the above water photos showing how to work in a small pond and thanks to Uffe Mikkelsen, who showed us around in the forests south of Aabenraa.

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