The cod finally got to big for the aquarium – mostly because it eats more than the filters can handle. The two sculpins where put back into the ocean.

Instead I caught a lumpsucker, shrimps and thousands of mysis to feed the shark babies. I now have three newly hatched sharks and a small Greater weever.

Below are pictures form my collection trip when I caught the Greater weever and msyis caught during a night dive. Mysis gets attracted to the light form the dive torch and are easy to scoop up with fine-mesh net in front of the light.

Flatfish front onGreater weeverthe one-eyed-turbotJellyfishSaithe caught in a netGreater weeverCommon shore crab feasting on a dead sculpinCod and sculpins going back to the oceanGreater weever and shark side-by-sideMysis aka. cloud of food
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  1. Marius 30. september 2015 at 15:20 #

    Wow, the weaver looks cool, never seen them in this coloration, very nice! Be careful though of the dorsal spines they are extremely poisonous.
    How exactly did you catch the so many mysis? Did you make a trap or just lucky, I would love to have a better way to catch tons of them for food. I just scoop under seaweed to get them but I only get about 30 in an hour or so.

    • mkielland 1. oktober 2015 at 16:57 #

      Thanks, I think the iphone and the blue aquarium lights exaggerates the blue colours. I have added some pictures from the collection trip, that shows the “real” colours. I never handler weevers by hand only nets 🙂 I catch weevers at night with a large handnet, most of them turn and run, but some off them just lies still until you put the net on top.

      Catching mysis is also easier at night. Place a underwater light for 10 min´s on the bottom near shore, that will attract mysis. In autumn they gather in large swarms on sandy bottom where I live, so they are perhaps more abundant here.

      • Marius 1. oktober 2015 at 20:18 #

        Cool, better to handle them with a net 😉
        Thanks for the tip with the mysis will definitely try that sometime! do you think large 20cm glow sticks will be bright enough?

        • mkielland 2. oktober 2015 at 8:30 #

          You are welcome, I think I would buy a cheap 1000 lumen divers light, but glowsticks is worth a try. Night snorkeling is exciting, there are so much more life at night.

          • Marius 2. oktober 2015 at 10:02 #

            Thanks I will have a look into it. Tried last night with the glow sticks but I think it wasnt strong enough didnt catch anything. But at least I witnessed this completely crazy phytoplankton that glows green when you disturb the water, cant remember their name.
            Will check out this light and try again.

            Do you use the same light for snorkeling then? I would have thought everything gets spooked away when you go in at night with a torch? Must try this as long as the water is “warm” 😉

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