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Coldwater saltwater aquarium building 1

My dream aquarium project is taking form! We have moved and the new house has a perfect spot for a aquarium. The old toilet-room shares a wall with the living-room and the entrance. The wall has been knocked down and extra reinforcements are in place. The aquarium will measure 95 X 85 cm and 70 cm in height. Since the frontgals and one of the sides are thermoglass, the final inside measure is 81 x 91, so I end up with appr. 500 liters of water in the main tank.

DSC_1593_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland DSC_1594_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland DSC_1599_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland DSC_1596_Martin Kielland_Martin KiellandDSC_1624_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland DSC_1633_Martin Kielland_Martin Kielland

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