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The cod finally got to big for the aquarium – mostly because it eats more than the filters can handle. The two sculpins where put back into the ocean.

Instead I caught a lumpsucker, shrimps and thousands of mysis to feed the shark babies. I now have three newly hatched sharks and a small Greater weever.

Below are pictures form my collection trip when I caught the Greater weever and msyis caught during a night dive. Mysis gets attracted to the light form the dive torch and are easy to scoop up with fine-mesh net in front of the light.

Flatfish front onGreater weeverthe one-eyed-turbotJellyfishSaithe caught in a netGreater weeverCommon shore crab feasting on a dead sculpinCod and sculpins going back to the oceanGreater weever and shark side-by-sideMysis aka. cloud of food
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the perfect food for the coldwater aquarium

On a diving trip too Sweden I stumbled upon the perfect food for the aquarium – tiny herring. They were sold in a supermarket as bait-fish. I have tried using white-fish bought from the aquarium stor before, but they apparently smell wrong, my fish does not react to them. But herring make them crazy. The cod ate 4 in 2 minutes!

Here is “Torben” as we call to most aggresive of my two cods after he swallowed his 4th herring:

cod feeding on hering

The sculpins where not as fast in getting to the herring, but when the hermit crabs started to move them around the sculpin moved in.

2015-03-01 19.41.01

2015-03-01 19.42.192015-03-01 19.42.262015-03-01 19.42.292015-03-01 19.42.35

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